The Freedom in Christ

Glory to the Ruler of the Universe. To my dear brothers and sisters who are called to live a life in Christ, It is very important to live a life by experiencing the freedom given by Christ. This freedom will not entrap us in the vagaries of this world. It will give us grace toContinue reading “The Freedom in Christ”

Why Jesus Christ came?

Many never knew!! Millions perished!! Many are called Few are chosen. A simple question that demands an answer. Why Jesus Christ came? WHY? To forgive our sin? To save us? To die for us? Wait…… ! There is far more, beyond your comprehension. Some of you will say Jesus Christ came to forgive our sins. Others willContinue reading “Why Jesus Christ came?”


We want to grow, We want to win, We want to conquer. We want to live happily ever after. In reality, We are growing old. Our victory is no more, our conquest is coming to an end. And we do not realise it’s not happily ever after. Today’s success is tomorrow’s failure. After experiencing ourContinue reading “MAN’S NATURE”

Do I need to Love God?

No, you don’t have to Love God. You have to dwell in the Love of God because God is Love. Love never changes; God never changes. Love covers a multitude of sins; God forgives our sins. I repeat God is Love. Love never changes; God is the same yesterday, today, forever. I tell you, GodContinue reading “Do I need to Love God?”

What is Sin?

Sin is the absence of Father God’s love through Jesus Christ (Yeshua). The only way to come out of sin is, the presence of Father God’s love enriched by the amazing grace of Jesus Christ with the unmerited help of the Holy Spirit. Sin will be harvested until you come to terms with this truth.Continue reading “What is Sin?”