About Us

Pastor Paul J J

Pastor Paul J J is the Founder of Paul’s Messages with 20 years of ministry experience, with the mission of reaching people who are chosen before the foundation of the earth by Father God through Christ Jesus. He is a passionate preacher, author and counsellor.

Pastoral Care Program is One of the Service offered by Him for the Spiritual upliftment. (Contact Us for more details)

The Original Gospel was proclaimed by Jesus Christ and we want everybody to experience the original Gospel by showing His relationship with His Father who is in Heaven and with the help of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Father and the Son. The realisation of being born of the Spirit of Jesus Christ that is In christ or living inside Jesus Christ and establishing the most purest form of relationship with Father God through the help of the most purest Spirit that is the Holy Spirit. This is the essence of the original Gospel.

Join us on a journey where we will depend on Father God’s love and the Grace of Jesus Christ and the help of Holy Spirit to unlock the journey called ‘Eternal Life.’

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