Why Jesus Christ came?

Many never knew!!

Millions perished!!

Many are called Few are chosen.

A simple question that demands an answer.

Why Jesus Christ came?

WHY? To forgive our sin? To save us? To die for us? Wait…… !

There is far more, beyond your comprehension. Some of you will say Jesus Christ came to forgive our sins. Others will say, Jesus Christ came to save them. Many will proclaim, Jesus Christ came to die for them. I have something else to make you realize!! why should Jesus Christ forgive your sins? Why should Jesus Christ save you? Why should Jesus Christ  die for you? Nothing happens without a reason. 

Why Jesus Christ came?

When we go through the pages of scriptures Holy Spirit will help you to understand this truth. The truth is…. ‘For this is the way God loved the world; He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.’ (JOHN 3:16 NET) I tell you the truth. Jesus Christ came to this earth only to fulfil the plan of God the Father. The life of Jesus Christ is the fulfilment of Father God’s will. Jesus Christ was representing Father God. Jesus Christ was introducing God as Father for those who are chosen. People love to remember Jesus Christ as the one who forgives our sins or as the one who died for them. People failed to see God the Father in Jesus Christ. Throughout history men claimed to be God. Jesus Christ is the God who became Man and took the form of a slave. Jesus Christ is the God in the flesh. Jesus Christ is the visible image of the invisible God the Father. You can only have fellowship with God as Father when you abide in Jesus Christ or when you are born of the spirit of Jesus Christ or you are “IN-CHRIST”. If you are not having the spiritual wisdom and knowledge about God the Father through His son Christ Jesus you are not part of God the Father through Christ Jesus. Most of the people are unaware of this truth. They see Jesus Christ as a religious figure. You got Him wrong. He is representing His Father. Do you know why He came? If you know why Jesus Christ came, you will have the relationship with the one who sent Jesus Christ, God the Father. Jesus Christ through the spirit of God the Father who is the Holy Spirit wants to help you. Why? Because God is spirit. 

So, why did Jesus Christ come?

The answer is, To fulfill the will of God the Father. His life on earth was the answer.

One thought on “Why Jesus Christ came?

  1. Amen. This is what we need and to hear. What a blessed message. Abba Father being in human form as Christ Jesus and gave us privilege to have a relationship through Holy Spirit. Thank you for the message. 🙂


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