We want to grow, We want to win, We want to conquer.

We want to live happily ever after.

In reality, We are growing old. Our victory is no more, our conquest is coming to an end. And we do not realise it’s not happily ever after. Today’s success is tomorrow’s failure. After experiencing our life, we go to the grave, and we are no more. Is this life? Is this what we are called for? You may say no but still, you will follow man’s ways.

A man came. He never showed His growth to us nor displayed His success. He never conquered nor boasted about His life. But, He was speaking about His death which proved He is immortal. He walked among us in the flesh, but His chronicles have nothing to do with manly desire. He never established a Kingdom on earth. But He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. He had a terrible death, and He was denied justice. But He is the supreme judge. He never won a battle nor done any bloodshed, but the victory belongs to the Lord. He is the statue of forgiveness. No one can match his forgiveness. When He forgives, He doesn’t just forgive but erases our sin & curses. The world holds the authority to kill our body, but He holds the authority to cast our soul into the lake of fire. Still, He was poor in the spirit; He neither performed His own desire nor concentrated on His own growth or success.

The question is Dear man, do you know this man, SON OF FATHER GOD?

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