Do I need to Love God?

No, you don’t have to Love God. You have to dwell in the Love of God because God is Love. Love never changes; God never changes. Love covers a multitude of sins; God forgives our sins. I repeat God is Love. Love never changes; God is the same yesterday, today, forever. I tell you, God is Love. Love protects; God protects. Love never gives up; God never gives up.

He came in the form of flesh. He was Love. No one can match His Love. He was like a tender plant and like a root out of the dry ground. Still, he was Love. He had no beauty that we should desire Him. Again and again I say, He was Love.

He walked among us like a slave, you will not see a slave full of Love like Him. He had nothing to attract us. History wanted to erase Him. His Love made Him the centerpiece of history. There was nothing in His appearance that we should desire Him. But His Love made me fall for Him. Yes, I am in Love with Him and I can’t stop it. He is irresistible.

Out of His Love for me, He took my pain. I never heard or seen any God or angel or human saints, who could bore my life but He carried my sin, my curse, my pain, my suffering, my weakness, my sorrows and my infirmities.

Lately, I got to know the truth through the Bible, I wondered and couldn’t believe something like this can happen. His Love for me was before the foundation of the world. He saw me before I was created. He fell in Love with me, He could not resist me. He wanted me to sit with Him. What made me special will freak you out. I worshipped idols, I never knew Him or considered Him God. I made my Gods. I named them. I never worshipped the God who created me or called me by my name. I have done witchcraft. I made people enemies, I fought with them. I was jealous. My anger has killed many relations. I was very ambitious. I wanted to meet my desire at any cost. For that, I was ready to go extreme. For me, I was the only one important in the world. I caused conflict and factions.

Wow! this is too much. I can’t take this. Yes, you are right. I was first among the sinners. What made me a great sinner to be so special to God is His sheer love, which is beyond human perception. He so loved me, He sacrificed His only Son for me so that I’ll not perish. He resurrected His Son inside me. He imparted Holy Spirit through His Son inside me and made me His Son. He gave me a new mind; His Son’s mind, the Mind of Christ. He made me put to death, my human nature with all its passions and desires. His Spirit has given me life and He controls my life. Through His living breath ‘Holy spirit’ I discovered my Father’s Love, my Father’s joy, my Father’s peace that surpasses all understanding. Through my Father, I realized His patience. My eyes were full of tears when I experienced His kindness and goodness in action through me. I was never faithful. Now I don’t see me but His faithfulness through me. I never knew what humility is, now I know what God’s humility is. And He is showing His humility through me. Self-control was unknown to me. It is now a different story. I walk in the self-control by my Father who is in Heaven through Christ Jesus. Now I know I don’t need to be rich but poor in Spirit. I have now become a newborn child in the hands of my Heavenly Father through Christ Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit.

As David says, Lord, I have given up my pride and turned away from my arrogance, I am not concerned with great matters or with subjects too difficult for me. Instead, I am content and at peace as a child lies quietly in its mother’s arms so my heart is quite within me. A man who is inside Christ is a new creation. Father God so Loves you, Father God gave His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die for us and resurrected on behalf of us so that we will never perish.

My beloved, God is Love. Through Christ God is your Father.


One thought on “Do I need to Love God?

  1. Hide me in your love Lord. Lord help me to love you, for I cannot love you without you. Be my everything Lord. This is my prayer and my heart’s desire.


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