Let your Eye be single

I would like to share a word of God which I was meditating, can you imagine a situation where Jesus Christ is inside your home, he is with you and you are hearing his voice, you are seeing him, you are sensing him and he is so real in your life yet you are troubled.

Are you going through such a situation then this message is exclusively for you. Let me tell you, Jesus was with his disciples, he was resting on the Boat and the sea was violent, Jesus was with them but they lost their peace. They were asking Jesus to save them, they thought they are going to end right now. Still Jesus was with them. On another side when we see another situation that is of Martha, she invited Jesus into her life, into her family and there we can see she was complaining to the Lord. Because she was troubled and she was careful concerning so many things. Jesus was inside her home, Jesus was talking to everybody who was inside her home, she was hearing. Because of her Jesus Christ was inside her home but she was troubled. 

Dear people of God are you a chosen vessel of God! then you and me are not allowed to be troubled with other things, Martha was troubled, disciples were troubled. Dear people I want to remind you another verse from Matthew 6:22 “The light of the body is the eye: If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” Word of God clearly says, your eye has to be single, your vision has to be single, your thought has to be single, your act has to be single. You cannot serve two masters at one time, what really happening in our life is we are serving two masters at one time, we are serving household master and our heavenly master it’s not the will of God it is not heavenly principal it’s not part of Kingdom of God.

Why you are getting troubled? because your eye is not single, you are not setting your vision on one thing, you are setting your vision on several things. Dear people of God are you troubled? If I ask people they will say so many prayer request, I’ll pray but do you know something you are troubled because your eye is not single, your vision is not single, you are troubled because you are thinking about many things, you are concerned about what to eat? how to be? What to be? When to be? You are troubled about tomorrow. Dear people tomorrow will be taken care by the Lord himself. Jesus Christ lives in you, allow him to look after your life. One thing I want to tell you no matter how troubled you are you are not going to get any solution until and unless your vision is on Jesus. In other words, you have to have a single eye that is what the Bible says. 

The light of the body is eye, therefore thine eye is single so that the whole body shall be full of light. Do you want light in your life? Then your eye has to be single. You have two eyes but during morning if you want to see the Sun, then you should focus your both the eye on Sun. “There is a source for everything, we are concerned about resource but resource will flow from the source.” Jesus Christ is your source, he is your living blood, he is your living bread, he is your alpha, he is your Omega, you are chosen in him so that day will come you will stand in the presence of Father blameless and full of perfection that is not yours, his perfection and the Earth is a training ground for God’s perfection in your life. For having God’s perfection in your life let your eye be single. 

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